180 Uwaharacho, Kawachinagano-city, OSAKA, JAPAN
Tokyo office
Shanpia Akihabara Bldg.4F 2-8-1 Kandasakuma-cho Chiyoda-ku TOKYO JAPAN
Hokkaido factory
3-5-2 Higashimachi, engarucho, monbetsu-gun, HOKKAIDO, JAPAN


Holding Company
Global Solution Co.,Ltd
Joint corporation
Dalian Xingliu Wooden Products Dalian CHINA
Dalian Liujiang Wooden Products Dalian CHINA
Hubei Dexin Fuchikawa Arts and Crafts Hudei CHINA
Yanagi HK. Co.,Ltd
May 12, 1956
CEO Kenkichi Taguchi
thirty million dollars

Yanagi Products Co.,Ltd was established in 1897 by our founder, Kaichiro Fuchikawa. The name of company was changed from Fuchikawa Honten to Yanagi Products in 1992. For more then 100 years, Fuchikawa is synonym of the top grade toothpicks. Now our factories are located in Hokkaido (Japan), all over China(6joint-venturecompanies), in Vietnam, in Thailand and also in Indonesia.

Our company's policy is "satisfying our coustomer." Our company's slogan is making products which suit to dinning table & kitchen in the world. Our staff's policy is "thinking of the next."

We are very pleased to cooperate and do business with you and waiting for your requests of samples and your orders.